The Oceanário de Lisboa was built as a major pavilion for the World Exposition ( The Oceans: A Heritage for the Future ) held in Lisbon, Portugal in 1998. The building was designed and detailed to reinforce the exhibit theme of one interconnected Ocean and the exhibit path is comprised of a series of visually interconnected immersive tanks and terrestrial habitats representing Northern, Southern, Temperate, and Tropical Ocean environments.



Ginette Castro (while at Cambridge Seven Associates) was lead designer on the Design Development and Construction Documentation teams and then served as the on-site Project Architect developing and coordinating all construction and exhibit fabrication details during construction.



Michael Oleksak (while at Cambridge Seven Associates and IDEA, Inc.) was key member of the Conceptual Design team and subsequently served as the on-site Project Manager during the entire construction process for all construction coordination, design and exhibit delivery services provided by IDEA.










Oceanário de Lisboa. Lisboa Portugal