cosestudi is an architectural, exhibit design and management studio.


Conceived as a place of study, cosestudi considers all project parameters such as aesthetics, content, budget, schedule, and operability to be interdependent priorities and endeavors to draw on the fundamentals of art, science, and the natural world to resolve design challenges.


cosestudi has a particular interest in eco-harmonious design and the development of projects and exhibits that celebrate the environment on philosophical, aesthetic, cultural, and functional levels while building environmental, social, and financial sustainability into each project.


In collaboration with international partners and consultants, cosestudi provides or manages a broad range of services including architectural design, exhibit design, project management, feasibility analysis, operational planning, team building, and specialist contracting services.


cosestudi values and encourages an all-inclusive design process, recognizing that significant project benefits can be achieved by meaningful collaboration, cooperation and broad exploration.