As conceived by its visionary founder, Mr. John L. Morris (the Founder/CEO of Bass Pro Shops and renowned conservationist), the all-new WONDERS OF WILDLIFE (WOW) Aquarium celebrates the wonders of the aquatic world and honors the

people who fish and act as stewards of the natural environment.


As the initial and organizing component of WOW's aquarium experience, the GREAT OCEANS HALL is a grand space that includes dramatic aquatic environments interwoven with important fishing heritage exhibit components that celebrate the fundamental relationship between sport fishing and conservation.


The living exhibit component within the GREAT OCEANS HALL is an interwoven configuration of large aquatic environments that collectively serve as the living core of the entire space. Visitors first encounter an immersive open ocean system, containing a parade of pelagic species, while being drawn through a space within an all-surrounding aquatic environment to a thematically connected and poetically presented experience of the mesmerizing movement of schooling fish. An impressive Great Barrier Reef drop-off exhibit (over 32' deep) is an additional component of this core aquatic exhibit composition within the Great Oceans Hall.


Visitors journey through the living exhibit composition on multiple levels while engaging with historically significant sport fishing exhibits that radiate from the central core experience including fishing boats of Ernest Hemingway and Zane Grey as well as the International Game Fish Association's (IGFA) Hall of Fame.


The design of both the exterior and interior architecture of the GREAT OCEANS HALL building was carefully developed to express a delicate balance of a vital recognition of heritage and tradition, respectful of both the tradition of sport fishing and the existing context of the Bass Pro Shop's impressive conservation campus, and contemporary restraint and refinement that allows the exhibit experience to serve as the visual priority.





WONDERS OF WILDLIFE National Museum and Aquarium  Springfield, MO USA