The A Casa do Vasco (House of Vasco) exhibit at the Oceanário de Lisboa in Lisbon, Portugal represents an installation designed to increase the effectiveness of environmental conservation messages being transmitted to the Oceanário's younger visitors.


"Vasco" is the well-known mascot of the Oceanário and the exhibit installation is intended to represent Vasco's home and allow children to visit and explore specific residential spaces (e.g. kitchen, dining area, bathroom, library, etc.) that are relevant to the children's own home environments. Within each of these areas or "pods", environmental conservation messages and concepts such as water conservation, wind/solar power, and recycling are presented in a way that children find engaging and can readily

apply to their own daily activities and behavior.


To further express the notion of the interconnectivity of environmental conservation issues, the exhibit components are designed as separate pods within a larger, internally illuminated pod that is specifically designed to invite exploration, discovery, and interactivity.


with Oceanário de Lisboa




A Caso do Vasco  Oceanário de Lisboa. Lisboa Portugal