The latest expansion to the Tennessee Aquarium adds an important marine exhibit element to the already outstanding freshwater components.Housed in a new structure that complements the original building, the theme of the new exhibit is the famous Coral Gardens to be found in the Gulf of Mexico. From the upper level of the exhibit, visitors can view a number of pelagic sharks, rays and fishes. As they descend into thehabitat, the visitor then moves underneath and through the coral reef and is given opportunities to view into the exquisite world of reef-dwelling fishes and corals. In addition to other living and interactive displays, visitors are provided a view of the Tennessee River outside, helping metaphorically connect the aquarium' s original freshwater theme with the new marine theme as the river wends its way to the Gulf of Mexico.



Ginette Castro (while at CSP Inc.) served as the lead concept and detail designer for the project.






Tennessee Aquarium Expansion. Chattanooga, Tennessee USA