A new exhibit has been created at the Oceanário de Lisboa that celebrates the lives of Sea Turtles and communicates the need to protect these wondrous creatures.


The life of a Sea Turtle is, at its essence, a perilous journey that begins on a nesting beach and continues as an ambitious voyage through the vast open ocean. For this reason, a particularly unique and innovative concept was developed for the exhibit which reflects this amazing journey while simultaneously providing enhanced therapeutic conditions for the rehabilitating Sea Turtles that are considered as honored “guests” within this temporary exhibit.


The exhibit was designed to allow visitors to encounter the Sea Turtles at distinct points along a “journey” through a variety of ecosystems critical to their survival including seagrass beds, coral reefs, the Sargasso Sea, and the open ocean. Visitors are invited to “join” the Sea Turtles on their journey by walking over and under a continuous ribbon of water. A series of linear windows provide fleeting glimpses of the Sea Turtles on their continuous and somewhat mysterious voyage.


Interactive tables were created to communicate essential issues of Sea Turtle natural history and the need to protect and conserve their delicate and precious ocean environments. In addition to being a new and engaging exhibit experience, the exhibit is a natural extension and expression of the Oceanário de Lisboa’s active involvement in Sea Turtle conservation efforts in various locations around the world.


with Oceanário de Lisboa

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