As opposed to most typical exhibits of prehistoric creatures, cosestudi elected to develop the Sea Monster theme in Lisbon primarily from an anthropocentric perspective. The intent of this exhibit approach was to reinforce the notion that humankind's knowledge of the natural world is always evolving and that major advances in scientific theory can be instigated by a few curious and creative individuals.


The Sea Monster exhibit was organized into 3 major thematic zones: Cultural Perspectives, Developing Knowledge, and New Perspectives. Each exhibit zone was separated by glowing blue"thresholds", through which visitors moved to enter the next zone, which signifying those periods in human history that represented major shifts and advances in our knowledge of the natural world. As visitors move through the exhibit, they are presented with engagingly interactive displays of Sea Monster myths and

legends from around the world, the evolution of scientific theories and techniques of archaeological exploration, and the implications of humankind's relatively recent travels into space providing a valuable new perspective of our planet. While reflecting upon our ever-evolving scientific knowledge of "SeaMonsters" and their specific environments, visitors are presented with opportunities to appreciate these wondrous creatures that once inhabited the ocean, develop possible theories for their demise, and

begin to better comprehend our planet as a finite and delicately balanced system.


with LP/w Studios






Monstros Marinhos.   Ocean├írio de Lisboa. Lisboa Portugal