Consistent with their efforts to continually enhance the environmental conditions for their animals and create more engaging exhibit experiences for their visitors, the Acquario di Genova commissioned cosestudi to design and construct a new penguin exhibit within their facility. cosestudi developed a concept for the exhibit which was based on a desire to provide the maximum variety of viewing conditions within the confines of a relatively small space and water volume. The exhibit layout and circulation path were orchestrated to provide the visitors with increasingly varied views of the exhibit, beginning with mysterious glimpses of the penguins swimming elegantly underwater and then, after ascending gradually to the water's surface via a series of subtle ramps, culminating with an expansive view of the exhibit where the visitors observe the penguins simultaneously above and below water. Acrylic windows were strategically positioned and configured to provide views of engaging penguin activities such as diving, swimming, and surfacing onto the terrestrial component of the exhibit. Floating "icebergs", flowing water cascades, and underwater feeding stations were created to enrich the penguins's environment. Numerous nesting boxes were carefully inserted into the exhibit rockwork to reinforce future breeding programs.


Since it was developed in close collaboration with the Acquario di Genova's technical team of animal husbandry, building systems, and visual information specialists, the exhibit represents an efficient balance of numerous interdependent project objectives such as controlling the budget, optimizing the environmental parameters for the penguins and creating better and more emotional viewing conditions for visitors.





Pinguini. Acquario di Genova. Genova, Italia