The Um Planeta, Um Oceano (One Planet, One Ocean) exhibit in Lisbon focuses on the presentation of the finite and fragile nature of the Earth's ocean system and the impact that humankind can have on this fundamental resource. Exhibit components were designed to communicate the interconnectivity and interdependence of oceanographic phenomena such as delicate phytoplankton populations, ocean currents, coral bleaching, and ocean water temperature fluctuations.


A continuous ribbon of photographs of people from around the world standing at the ocean's edge is wrapped around the perimeter of the exhibit to express the common purpose and value of global ocean conservation. In addition, Dr. Carl Sagan's iconic narration of "The Pale Blue Dot" film is presented to the Oceanário's visitors in order to provide a meditative perspective of the earth's environmental challenges and opportunities.


with LP/w Studios






Um Planeta, Um Oceano  Ocean├írio de Lisboa. Lisboa Portugal