To reinforce and expand their institutional objectives, the Oceanário de Lisboa explored the possibility of building an addition to their facility. An important goal of the new development was to provide dynamic exhibits and capacity for change. A large changing exhibits gallery, a multi-functional auditorium, and aliving, growing, and ever-changing exhibit "a Living Coral Reef" were selected as the primary programmatic components of the new expansion. The addition was configured to create a new piazza adjacent to the

original entry building while an extended roof overhang creates a shaded public area at the southern end of the new building. In order to mitigate anticipated energy consumption, a solar deflector was designed to track the sun and direct sunlight into the depths of the Living Coral Reef. This devise, incorporated into the roof structure, is intended to save considerable amounts of energy by providing a large portion of the illumination required for the living corals.



Ginette Castro (while at CSP, Inc. and in collaboration with promontório arquitectos) was the Associate in charge of design for the project.



Michael Oleksak (while at IDEA, Inc. and in collaboration with promontório arquitectos) served as the Project Manager for programming and design for the project.







Oceanário de Lisboa Expansion. Lisboa Portugal