Constructed in the small Sardinian village of Orani, the Museu di Nivola and Pincacoteca exhibit and celebrate the sculptures and paintings of native son Costantino Nivola. The museum is constructed in an around a renovated public wash-house (lavatoio) which, due to the presence of a natural spring, historically served as a meeting place for the community. This source of flowing water was reinforced and extended into the site to serve as a thread that connects the sculpture museum and the painting gallery to the landscape and surrounding terraces and gardens. Both the museum and painting gallery were constructed utilizing local techniques and indigenous materials and natural sunlight is collected and controlled by using large windows in the sculpture museum and a skylight system that gathers northern light into the painting gallery spaces.



Ginette Castro (while at Cambridge Seven Associates and CSP, Inc.) was the Associate in charge of design and detailing for the projects.








Museo di Nivola e Pinacoteca. Orani, Sardegna, Italia