In order to express the values and environmental education objectives of their institution, the New Bedford Oceanarium asked cosestudi to help create a new and strategically important exhibit installation. The grand scale of the selected space required the creation of new exhibit components which were sufficiently iconic and memorable. In order to contain costs and avoid actual alterations to the existing building, the new exhibit was designed to be a temporary intervention that is self-supporting and independent.


The primary exhibit space is divided into ocean-related environments that contain tidal pool touch tanks, boat building and navigation exhibits, a fishing boat simulator, and a "nursery" (within the original bank vaults) of incubating and juvenile sea creatures.


The central exhibit component of the installation is 24' x 24' x 24' glowing cube of blue polycarbonate panels that functions as an internally illuminated lantern, altering and enhancing the quality of light within the entire space. As a dramatic symbol of the exhibit, the "blue cube" also encloses a suspended illuminated sphere which, with the use of projected and moving satellite images, replicates the view of the planet Earth as seen from the darkness of space.


The exhibit is intended to dramatically reinforce the perception of Earth and its oceans as a finite and fragile organism and as a beautiful blue planet of interdependent ecosystems and evolving environmental conditions.


with Sherry Kafka Wagner and Extech-Voegele






Ocean Explorium at New Bedford Seaport. New Bedford, Massachusetts USA