The Mindelo Aquarium will be located on the waterfront of Sao Vincente's historic center. In addition to new structures, the project incorporates the renovation and re-use of a historically and culturally- significant building, the Capitania dos Portos, which is a replica of the Torre de Belém found in Portugal. In addition to numerous exhibits depicting subaquatic environments such as a living coral habitat, the Mindelo Aquarium will also include interpretive galleries, a museum shop, and a multi- functional meeting room on the top level of the existing tower. A floating plaza and outside theatre were also included in the design to enhance

the aquarium's anticipated role as a community center and public meeting place.



Ginette Castro (while at CSP, Inc.) was the Associate in charge of design for the conceptual design of the project.



Michael Oleksak (while at IDEA, Inc.) was the Project Manager for the Conceptual Design and Feasibility Study.





Mindelo Aquarium. Mindelo, Cabo Verde