The Espirito Santo Museum is intended to celebrate the cultural and artistic contributions of the Portuguese-American community and serve as a "living museum" that will express the values, aspirations, and traditions of a rich common herite. cosestudi worked with the leadership of the Espirito Santo Museum Foundation to explore the feasibility of creating a new and vibrant museum by renovating and expanding a former church structure located in Fall River, Massachusetts.


The permanent exhibit galleries will be organized to interpret the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit (Espirito Santo) which include wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear. A space will also be designed to specifically accommodate the community-based traditions (including a communal and egalitarian meal at a long table) of the annual Espirito Santo Festival.


The existing church building will be renovated to contain permanent exhibit and support spaces while an adjacent addition will be designed to include a state-of-the art performance space along with visitor services such as a café and museum shop. An internally illuminated glass beacon will be constructed on top of the existing church tower to signify the building's new use and express the Espirito Santo Foundation's commitment to knowledge and guidance.






Espirito Santo Museum. Fall River, Massachusetts USA