The exhibit theme, Backstage at the Oceanário, was intended to reveal to the public a variety of activities and operational tasks that occur "behind the scenes" at the Oceanário. Working within the confines of a limited exhibit space, cosestudi and Oceanário de Lisboa's staff worked collaboratively to program and define a series of focused exhibit compositions organized around specific themes that clearly and efficiently present engaging information about the Oceanário's animal collection, the technology required

to carefully maintain their environment, the continuous process of caring for the animals and, finally, the daily tasks performed by the Oceanário's animal husbandry and engineering staff.


cosestudi designed a series of simple partitions to organize the space and, to reinforce the exhibit theme, developed an "inside-out" approach to the exhibit arrangement, placing brightly illuminated tanks of animals at the center of the space and then exposing, along the exhibit's perimeter, water filtration systems and operational maintenance tools that are not typically viewed by the public in aquariums. Video loops and interactive computer games were introduced to further educate and engage the visitors and effectively

communicate concepts of animal and environmental care. An iconic "living sign" was created at the entrance of the exhibit by arranging a series of aquarium components behind a rear-illuminated scrim revealing, in subtle shadows, the existence and nature of the aquarium's supporting infrastructure.





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