In an effort to communicate the unique nature and precarious state of the world’s amphibian population,an exhibit was created at the Oceanário de Lisboa dedicated to these wondrous creatures. The primary goal of the project was to make visitors aware of the current amphibian extinction crisis and how human behavior can be altered to help conserve critical amphibian environments.


As opposed to a more typical geographic survey of amphibians, the exhibit was instead organized around distinctly different environments - running water, still waters, tropical rainforest canopy, tropical rainforest floor, and temperate (such as Portugal)

 – to allow visitors to clearly understand how amphibians have evolved unique features in response to their surroundings.


Organized within a deliberate organic arrangement, the environments exhibited contain a variety of frogs, toads, salamanders, newts, and caecilians from around the world and are composed to invite encounters of wonder and emotional connection with the natural beauty of amphibians.


with Oceanário de Lisboa


Anfibios. Interessantes por Natureza   Oceanário de Lisboa. Lisboa Portugal