The Acquario di Genova was built for the World Exposition to commemorate Christopher Columbus' 500th anniversary of the discovery of the new world held in Genoa in 1992. It was constructed on an existing pier adjacent to Genoa's historic center and the building's elevated form mimics the proportions and orientation of large ships typically found within the harbor. The aquarium's linear exhibit path metaphorically represents the journey of Columbus to the new world and includes encounters with both terrestrial and sub aquatic habitats. Glimpses of the surrounding harbor are provided through slots located between pods containing the major exhibit tanks and also through fritted glazing utilized at the opposing ends of the building as the internal exhibit environment transitions to the exterior.


Ginette Castro (while at C7A and in collaboration with Renzo Piano Building Workshop) was responsible for interior and exhibit detailing and Construction Administration and served as C7A's on-site Project Architect during construction.


Michael Oleksak (while at C7A/IDEA and in collaboration with Renzo Piano Building Workshop) was a key member of the Conceptual Design team and subsequently served as the on-site Project Manager during the entire construction process for all construction coordination, architectural design and exhibit fabrication services provided by IDEA.





Acquario di Genova. Genova, Italia